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Since 2017, Ecology Day/Ecology Day has been celebrated every

14th of September. This celebration aims to bring Ecology and ecologists closer to society, towards the construction of a more sustainable human development.

Ecology Day is almost here, and with it the biggest celebration of Ecology

nationally and internationally!

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  1. Activity: name of your activity.

  2. Type of Activity or Resource: select the category most suitable for the activity.

  3. Description: description of the activity.

  4. Date: date (between the 14th and the 16th of September) of your activity. Enter an end date if your activity lasts longer than one day.

  5. Start Time: not mandatory. Time of the beginning of the activity/meeting point.

  6. Image of the activity: illustrative image of your activity/Poster. Please insert the logos of SPECO and Ecology Day. If you would like to use our poster template, click here

  7. Location: GPS coordinates (or complete address) of the activity or meeting point.

  1. Organizing Entity: Organizing entity or entities.

  2. Website: website of the activity, entity or organizing entities.

  3. Contact Person: The person responsible for the activity.

  4. Email: email address of the responsible person.

  5. Target audience: to whom the activity is addressed.

  6. Registration: if the activity requires prior registration, place the link here.

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